What is EEG | EEG Test

Electrocardiogram (EEG)

What is EEG | EEG Test
EEG Test

Electrocardiogram of brain activity

EEG is a check that detects electrical activity within the brain utilizing small metallic discs (electrical pathways) put in on the scalp. Brain cells talk with one another by way of electrical impulses and are lively always, even at bedtime. This activity is proven as wavelengths within the EEG.

EEG is among the important diagnostic checks for epilepsy. It may play a job within the analysis of different brain disorders.

Why is that this performed
The EEG can determine adjustments in brain activity which can help diagnose brain disorders, especially epilepsy or seizure disorders. It could also help diagnose or treat the next disorders:

  • Cerebral tumor
  • Brain damage due to head injury
  • Brain dysfunction that may be caused by various causes (encephalopathy)
  • Brain irritation (encephalitis)
  • brain assault
  • Sleep issues
The EEG may also be used to verify an individual's brain death in a persistent coma. A steady EEG helps to find out the suitable anesthesia degree for an individual in a medically induced coma.

  • Chronic traumatic encephalopathy
  • Intermittent explosive dysfunction
  • Functional neurological dysfunction / conversion dysfunction
  • EEG scans are secure and painless. Seizures are typically intentionally secreted in individuals with epilepsy through the examination, however, they're supplied with applicable medical care is crucial.

How to arrange
Food and drugs
Be cautious to not devour something containing caffeine on the day of the check, as it could affect the check outcomes.
Take the standard drugs unless your doctor advises you in any other case.
Other precautions

Wash your hair the night time earlier than the check or on the day of the check itself, however, don't use conditioners, lotions, hair sprays, or a styling gel. Hair merchandise could make it tough to maintain the pores and skin patch that has electrical paths sticking to the scalp.
If you have been presupposed to sleep throughout an EEG check, your physician could ask you to sleep at a decrease price or keep away from sleeping the night time earlier than the check.
What you possibly can anticipate
During the check
Electrical pathways of the EEG

You will feel slight discomfort or not feel any discomfort whereas planning the EEG. Electric paths don't transmit any emotions. It solely information your brain waves.
What is EEG | EEG Test
EEG Recording

Here are some issues you possibly can anticipate to occur whereas EEG:

A technician measures your head and marks your scalp with a particular pen to point the place the electrical paths are related. These factors could also be utilized to your scalp with a sand cream to enhance the recording of high quality.

A technician connects disks (electrodes) to your scalp utilizing a particular adhesive. A versatile cowl outfitted with electrical tracks is usually used as an alternative. Electrical paths are related by way of wires to the EEG software and recorded on a pc.

Once the electrical paths are in place, the EEG often takes as much as 60 minutes. Tests for particular medical circumstances require you to sleep through the check. In that case, the check may take longer.

Relax in a cushty place along with your eyes closed through the check. The technician could ask you at numerous instances to open and shut your eyes or to carry out simple arithmetic operations, learn a paragraph, have a look at an image, breathe deeply for a couple of minutes, or have a look at a flashing gentle.

Usually, a video is recorded through the EEG. A video digicam captures your physique's actions whereas the EEG information your brain waves. This mixed registration might help your physician diagnose and deal with your situation.

Portable EEGs (EEGs), which permit longer-time remark exterior the clinic or hospital, are of restricted use. This check can document brain exercise over several days, which will increase the chances of monitoring seizure exercise. 

However, in comparison with video-EEG follow-up for a hospitalized affected person, the EEG doesn't have identical high quality in figuring out the distinction between epileptic seizures and different seizures.
What is EEG | EEG Test
EEG Test Monitor

After the check
The technician will take away the electrodes, or cap, after testing. If you do not take a sedative, you'll not feel any unintended effects after this process and you may return to your routine.

If you utilize a sedative, the drugs will take some time to have an impact. You ought to prepare for somebody to take your house. And keep away from consuming meals and sizzling liquids for the remainder of the day.

Doctors are educated to investigate and interpret EEG results and to ship these outcomes to the physician who ordered them. The physician could set an appointment with you on the clinic to debate the check outcomes with you.

Ask a member of the family or good friend, if attainable, to attend the appointment with you that will help you remember the knowledge supplied to you.
What is EEG | EEG Test
EEG Test Report

Write down any inquiries to ask the physician, akin to:

Based on the outcomes, what subsequent steps do I must take?
What type of follow-up do I would like, if any?
Are there any components that will have affected the outcomes of this check-in in a roundabout way?
Will, I must retake the check?

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