What is the immune system | Food that strengthens the immune system

 What is the immune system 

immune system
Immune defense

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Definition of the immune system

The immune system represents the physique’s protection line against infectious organisms, germs, and different pathogenic microorganisms, by a collection of steps referred to as immune response, thus sustaining general well being within the physique and stopping Infection, the immune system consists of a community of particular cells, corresponding to white blood cells, thymus gland, spleen, lymph nodes, stem cells, and antibodies, in addition to a gaggle of tissues and organs that work collectively to attain the mandatory safety.
The human physique There are three forms of immunity within the human physique, that are as follows:

Innate immunity:

It is named the pure immunity and it's current within the human physique since its beginning, and basic safety is supplied to the physique because it extends It protects exterior components, such because the pores and skin, and mucous membranes.

Acquired immunity:

It is named the adaptive immunity that the physique acquires when uncovered to illness and develops repeatedly, and it may be vaccinated by vaccination.

Negative immunity:

Immunity borrowed from one other supply that lasts for brief intervals of time, because the antibodies current within the mom's milk give temporary immunity to the ailments that the mom was uncovered to.
immune system
Immune systems helper blood cell

Functions of the immune system

There are many features that the immune system performs within the physique, amongst those are the next: The physique removes pathogens, corresponding to bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi, as it really works to take away them. It detects dangerous substances and neutralizes them.

It fights in opposition to irregular physique cells, corresponding to most cancers cells.
Distinguish between wholesome cells and unhealthy cells within the physique.
immune system
Food strength immune system

The immune system features because the physique's pure protection system and work to battle an infection, and when the immune system mistakenly assaults the physique's personal cells this situation is named an autoimmune response, which might trigger many well-being issues, corresponding to psoriasis.

Immunity Food impacts immune well being within the physique, and there are a lot of meals that contribute to strengthening the immune system, amongst that are the next: Citrus fruits wealthy in vitamin C, which is characterized by its efficient position as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, corresponding to orange, and grapefruit.
immune system
vaccine for the strong immune system

Ginger, which has anti-microbial properties, additionally helps in combating viruses. Garlic, which improves the flexibility of immune cells within the physique.

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